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Earn Money online

Put your computer to work when it is idle with our money earing application. With us you will generate money for every computer you have. When your computer is idle we used your computing resources run mathematical calculations tasks for which you are paid. The more powerful computer you have more you earn.

For more information about computed tasks google GRID computing and see Frequently Asked Questions and Answers.

Our windows app will do every work for you and you will just receive your money on your account. You can withdraw your money anytime by various methods including paypal an bitcoins.

We are still working hard to improve eMoney Wizard application and to provide it to more clients and users.

How to start

  1. Download application to join our comunity of wizards for free.
    Application download

  2. Register in order to login in your application.

  3. That is all. You are earning money.

Earn money wizard realted videos and tutorials

Windows installation videos using Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome

Supported OS:
  • Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows Vista, all 64bits Windos OS
  • Installation video tutorial for downloading from Internet explorer, Firefox and Chrome.
    I guarantie that this application does not containt any harmful software, malware or unwanted software. It is just new and therefore not recognized as ussual application. Therefore You may see false warnings.

    Other Operationg systems installation videos

    We are currently developping app version for Mac OS and for linux. It will come soon :).

    Things you might want to know

    about selling your computer hashing power and earning with emwizard

    Money generation profitability

    Profitability: how much money you earn depends on your computer configuration. The stronger processor and graphic card you have in your computer the more you will earn. You can also install EmWizard to more computers and use your idle computers to earn money for you.

    earn money on GPU ATI R9 290
    50$ per month for ATI R9 290X
    About 50 $ every month with our Earn money Wizard application. Our application will use your computer hashing power when your graphic card is idle. And we will pay you for this.
    earn money on GPU ATI RX 380
    70$ per month for ATI RX 380
    About 70$ every months. The more powerfull computer you have the more money you will earn. You can have multiple graphic cards in your computer and automaticly use both of the them to generate money from home.
    Earn money on CPU Intel i7
    10$ per month for your CPU
    For CPU Intel i7 CPU. Every compuer has Processor - CPU. This unit can be also used for computing hashing power outsourcing. And our application do it automatically for you.
    earn money on notebook
    20 $ per month for notebook
    Good avarage notebook can be rewarded with 20$ every month. However best notebooks are those that have ATI graphic card inside. It can boost your earnings.

    Money earning software

    Our application will provide you regular income without any other additional investments. No complex setup is required. We developed user friendly One-click installation simple process with nice graphical design of a computer game. You will earn money by sharing your idle computer an its computer hashing power and so helping us to compute various tasks. We are trying to do our best to find best prices for your computer power. .
    Earn Money Wizard - emWizard Generate money on your computer
    Put your computer to work and make money online

    We use your idle computer and we pay you for it. Share your computer hashing power with us and be paid to paypal or in bitcoins. Our money earning softwre is for free if you download it from here. In Microsoft store it cost not more than 10$. Heat little bit your computer.

    free of charge application Our application is free to use and idstribute. However once we finish certification for it, it will be sold on Microsoft Store for little fee. This fee should cover certification process. You can only earn money and we guarantie you that you will not be aske for any money in the future.

    Our Earn Money Wizard app is FREE

    emwizad application screenshot Once you have EmWizard installed you will see your earning in your application on your computer. Also you will see them in your account on your account total earnings webpage. There you see your performance and also earned referral bonus from affiliate programme. You can withdraw your earned generated moneye on PayPal or in Bitcoins even we can charge your steam wallet. We are adding envelope money service soon.

    Be paid with real money on PayPal or Bitcoins

    virus free application Our application is 100% virus free without any malware. We post our source code online to github. However some cheaper antiviruses may falsely assume that it is potentially unwanted application. These warnings will disappear soon.

    Our Earn Money Wizard app is FREE